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Roger Allsopp OBE Patron

Roger Allsopp OBE

Roger Allsopp says "I am extremely honored to be the patron of MUG. I wholeheartedly agree with their principles and ambitions. I am in awe of their achievements to date, particularly in bringing about a sea change in attitudes to male cancers that has lead to increased awareness, earlier diagnosis, more effective treatment and lives saved."

Roger Allsopp studied medicine and completed higher surgical training at the University of Newcastle and it's teaching hospitals. In 1975 he accepted a post as consultant surgeon in Guernsey. He completed a masters degree in the legal aspects of medical practice at Cardiff University Law School in 1990. He was intimately involved in the development of specialist services on the Island and played a major role in helping to establish the Island's insurance scheme for specialist medical care. He has always been passionate about the principles of equity of access to care and for everyone to have the same level of timely treatment irrespective of wealth.

Roger was awarded the OBE in 2004 for services to medicine in Guernsey and the UK having just accepted the position as chairman of Hope for Guernsey, a locally registered charity dedicated to raising money for medical research under the auspices of Wessex Medical Research.

In 2006 at the age of 65 he retired from clinical practice and set about raising money for research into protein markers in the blood (proteomics) with the aim of helping early diagnosis and treatment monitoring of patients with cancer. He undertook two Channel swims. The first in 2006 secured a record as the oldest Britain and the second completed in 2011 gained him a Guinness World Record as the oldest ever in the world at that date to have completed a solo swim. Together with the help of a great team of like minded friends doing amazing things over one million pounds has been directed to proteomic research. Proteomics is one of the corner stones of precision medicine.

In 2009 Roger volunteered to train as a tribunal member for the newly formed Child and Youth Community Tribunal (CYCT). On completion of training he was appointed to be their first President by the Royal Court. The CYCT addresses the needs of the Islands most vulnerable families. Being a tribunal member involves making extremely difficult decisions sometimes in the most harrowing circumstances.

In 2013 Roger was asked to serve as a non voting volunteer on the States of Guernsey Health and Social Service Department (HSSD) later to become Health and Social Care (HSC). In 2013 the committee was facing a number of very challenging problems but it was also a time that the opportunities for the transformation of health care on the Island were becoming apparent. Roger describes the work of this committee as "Intense, wide ranging, complex and critical to the future health and wellbeing of Islanders. He says he is honored to have been asked to help set up and chair CareWatch a committee composed of members representing a wide range of interests from the community. A committee to assist HSC to respond to the needs and wishes of those it serves. (The eyes and ears of the board).

On a completely different level Roger volunteered and travelled at his own expense to Sri Lanka post tsunami, to the Philippines post cyclone and Nepal post earthquake to deliver humanitarian and medical aid. The conditions were dangerous and arduous especially in Nepal with major lethal quakes occurring all around the team.

In 2014 a serious road accident gave Roger a very personal insight into disablement. He responded by helping to establish Guernsey Disability Swimming (GDS) a locally registered charity that helps those with disability enjoy weekly dedicated swimming sessions. His accident also motivated him to raise the necessary funds to re-commission the hospital hydrotherapy pool. The accident served as a catalyst for him to study wellness, ageing well and longevity. This has lead to invitations to speak at local and international events. 

In 2018 Roger was presented with the runner up certificate for the Times Sternberg Active Life Award at No. 11 Downing Street. In August of that year he was awarded The Point of Light Award by the Prime Minister which was presented to him at a reception held at Government House.

Medically Roger continues to be totally committed to the transformation of healthcare with the emphasis on equity, prevention, early diagnosis and personalized care, aims he shares with MUG.