About MUG


MUG was founded in February 2012 with the stated aims of:

  1. Increasing awareness of male cancers
  2. Promoting education of male cancers
  3. Raising funds of £250,000 in three years

Funds will be used in the research into testing, cures and treatments in the areas of prostate, bowel and testicular cancer. In addition the charity aims to get men, whatever their age, to be more confident, outgoing and questioning of their symptoms. Most importantly, MUG encourages men to seek medical advice and assistance at the earliest opportunity  - as procrastination or delays can have deadly consequences.

After its launch in 2012, the charity's first aims were to establish the name, start to talk about prostate cancer and raise funds. From the beginning, MUG has been the recipient of corporate and private support. The team has been equally proactive with their fundraising efforts and in 2012 they organised a ball and auction, which generated a profit of £16,245.00 for the charity and helped to bring MUG and its messages to the attention of the public. Later in the year, the Dominion Fund MUG Mountain Bike Ride saw around 450 people take part, which both raised awareness of men's cancers and also generated funds for the charity.

In respect of how funds have been spent, the charity has set up a website which acts as a portal for male cancer information and provides information on fundraisers etc. The website is kept up to date through the support of MUG's secretary at no expense to the charity. MUG merchandise was purchased as part of the charity's commitment to spreading awareness of male cancers. Merchandise, such as hoodies, mugs and t-shirts, has generally been given away at events in schools, community groups, the prison and at fund raising events and serves as a reminder to men of the 'get checked' message.

The charity has used fund-raising activity and other news hooks as a platform to spread the 'get checked' message, with radio, newspaper and social media outreach.

As 2012 proved to be a financially successful year for MUG, plans were developed on how the money should be best spent. The focus for year one was prostate cancer and MUG took advice from Council Member Owen Cole, who is the Consultant Urologist at the Medical Specialist Group, as well as patron Roger Allsop and friends of the charity such as Prostate Cancer Guernsey. Funds were committed to purchasing a bladder scanner, which is now in use at the MSG and a contribution towards a cancer rehabilitation exercise class. The team undertook outreaches in a number of offices, schools, community and sports groups throughout the year with the aim of raising awareness and understanding of prostate cancer. "MUGs awareness campaigns have shown significant effect in encouraging men to get checked early. 2012 saw a rise in men presenting with prostate cancer in Guernsey, and importantly at an earlier stage, when curative treatment is more likely. MUG has also provided funds for the purchase of equipment that facilitates this treatment," says Owen Cole, MUG Council Member and Consultant Urologist at the Medical Specialist Group.

Funds from 2012 were also reserved for the planned men's health conference for the island's healthcare professionals, which took place in early 2013. At the end of 2012 funds were committed to the Check Your Balls campaign and work started on a new educational video, which was created in consultation with Guernsey's Sexual Health and Relationships Education (SHARE) team.

In 2013, in addition to committing funds to additional medical equipment - a special refrigerator and centrifuge, which will be used to collect samples as part of Hope For Guernsey's research, the charity is working towards making a significant contribution to improving male cancer care in Guernsey. It is hoped that details of this achievement will be announced in the early part of 2014.

A copy of the 2012 Accounts can be downloaded here.

A copy of the 2013 Accounts can be downloaded here